Folktale Farm


2015 Kids

F5 - doeling, black with minimal white and at least one big chocolate brown moonspot, blue eyes - SOLD


F6 - buckling, black with minimal white - SOLD


born 3/6/15


Sire: Folktale Farm Orion Black

Dam: Sunny Daze Arya Underfoot (mini nubian)


These guys are 37.5% nubian, 62.5% nigerian dwarf and could be registered with MDGA as 1st generation mini nubians. Arya is my personal milk goat, she's got a lovely udder with huge easy-to-milk teats, so the doeling would make a nice home milker!


All kids are disbudded, tattoed and receive at least one CD/T vaccination shot before leaving for their new homes. They come with an ADGA registration application (so you can pick their names) and a small amount of whatever grain/supplements they've been getting so you can slowly switch them over to their new food. A $25 discount is given per kid when you buy multiple kids - so $50 off for two kids, $75 off for three kids, etc.

F7 - buckling, chamoisee with heavy white overlay, polled, $225 as a buck or $125 as a wether


F8 - buckling, chamoisee with random white, polled - SOLD


Born 3/22/2015


Sire: Sweet Garden FC Johann Strauss *B

Dam: OL'Country TWK Cameo


Nice genetics, I kept a full sister of theirs last year and would have kept any doelings from this breeding. $125 as wethers, or $250 as bucks with papers.

mnkids cameobucklings

F12 - wether, chamoisee with heavy white overlay, polled - SOLD


F13 - doeling, roan buckskin with heavy white overlay, retained


F14 - doeling, chamoisee with extensive white overlay - $325


Born 3/29/2015


Sire: Sweet Garden Johann Strauss *B

Dam: OL'Country BN Tarot


I won't mind if this doeling doesn't sell. I'm expecting these girls to be very dairy. Strauss has been improving udders, teats, and overall conformation on my does, and Tarot has a nice easy-to-milk udder with good sized teats.

tarotdoelings mininubiandoeling7-19 mininubiandoeling7-19-2 cameobucklingnew cameobucklingnew2 cameobucklingnew3

F15 - wether, polled, black and white - SOLD


Born 3/30/2015


Sire: Flat Rocks Jelly-Legs Jinx

Dam: Folktale Farm Mirabelle


Nice big healthy boy, laid-back but likes to play.

tarotdoeling7-15 7.19kids2 mirabckling7-19 mirabelle

F19 - buckling, black and white, polled - SOLD


F20 - doeling, black and white - retained 


Born 4/27/2015


Sire: Sweet Garden FC Johann Strauss *B

Dam: Country Bumpkins CAD Cowalilly


Nice genetics, I kept two full sisters from this same breeding last year and that's the only reason I am considering selling this doeling. Should be a great milker.

lillybuckling 7.19lillydoeling lillybuckling2 lillybuckling3