Folktale Farm



Sunny Daze ? *B

Born 6/22/2018


ADGA#: pending


Gold with minimal random white


Sire: Bright Farms Collectors Edition

Dam: Zanzabeez Arroyo Seco


I love his dam's udder and will be using this guy on any does I might want to retain kids from in 2019. I'm hoping he will improve udder capacity and teat size.

Sweet Garden FC Johann Strauss *B

Born 2/16/2013


ADGA#: D1662227P


Buckskin with extensive white overlay, polled.


Sire: Fairlea Frederic Chopin

Dam: GCH Tiny Town Treble 3*M


Sire's Sire: Flat Rocks Night Raven

Sire's Dam:  Fairlea Marguerite


Dam's Sire: AGS BRB Tiny Town Fu Manchu

Dam's Dam: SG Tiny Town Blue Suede Shoes 2*M


Really spectacular buckling! Lots of milk stars and grand champions behind this guy, and he is a loose linebreeding on Flat Rocks Gem so I'm hoping he'll strengthen the Flat Rocks influences in some of my does. That he's polled (naturally hornless) is an unexpected plus.

Flat Rocks Jelly-Legs Jinx

Born 6/6/2014


ADGA#: D1751536


black with roaning, random white, blue eyes


Sire: Flat Rocks Captain Jack

Dam: Flat Rocks Mirror of Erised


Sire's Sire: Irish Whisper Harry Potter

Sire's Dam: Flat Rocks Gemma


Dam's Sire: Irish Whisper Harry Potter

Dam's Dam: Five Alarm Prism

strauss jinx jinx IMG_0902

Oasis Acres Caramel Go Nuts

Born 5/9/2018


ADGA#: pending


Cou Clair with minimal white, blue eyes


Sire: The Black Razor

Dam: The GRR Keeko De Gallo