Folktale Farm


For Sale


Folktale Farm Narcissa Black

Born 2/27/2011


chamoisee with moon spots (chocolate & silver), minimal random white.


Sire: Caesars Villa PEBO Blitzen

Dam: OL'Country TWK Cameo


Cissy's first freshening udder was a disappointment, despite coming from good milking lines her teats are too small to comfortably hand milk. Her mother and sisters are all great milkers. Her teats did get bigger this freshening, but I think she would make a good pet or brood doe. She's a good mother and all of her kids have been lovely, she kidded with triplet doelings this year. ADGA & AGS registered.


$275 with papers, $200 without papers


Folktale Farm MR Asterisk

Born 5/5/2013


buckskin with extensive white overlay & blue eyes


Sire: Sunny Daze Moonrise

Dam: OL'Country BN Tarot


I love Astrid. She's a sweet girl, good mother, and productive. She had twins as a young first freshener and triplets this year. Only for sale because I'll be keeping a sister or two of hers and need to make room. Currently in milk. ADGA registered.